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2016 ACOMM Award Winners

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2016 Communications Ambassador

The CEO and Managing Director of Netcomm Wireless, David Stewart has been named Australian Communications Ambassador 2016 for his long-running and ground-breaking contributions to the Australian IT and Communications Industries over the past 30 years.

Winner: David Stewart

David Stewart Photo

Innovation - Large Company

Telstra Air is Australia's largest Wi-Fi network with more than 300,000 hotspots in Australia and 17 million globally.

Winner: Telstra for Telstra Air

Telstra Logo

Vendor Innovation - Large Company

Cash by Optus Wearables enables Optus mobile customers to make contactless payments using their phone anywhere Visa payWave is accepted

Winner: Optus Mobile for Cash by Optus Wearables

Optus Logo

Vendor Innovation - Emerging

TollShield for Symbio Networks is a real-time toll fraud mitigation software.

Winner: Symbio Networks for TollShield

Symbio Networks Logo

Commitment to Customer Service

Southern Phone Company implemented an integrated approach to lifting customer satisfaction levels for mobile customers.

Winner: Southern Phone Company

Southern Phone Company Logo

Services to Industry - Professional Services

Cisco Systems for bringing together 500 students with industry leaders at their NedAcad Student Summit during Cisco Live ses'.

Winner: Student Summit for Cisco Systems

Cisco Logo

Best Mobile Solutions

Optus Mobile for their Cash by Optus is Money Made Mobile.

Winner: Optus Mobile

Optus Logo

Internet of Things Innovator

NetComm Wireless for their NetComm Wireless Smart Home Gateway. This first IoT device to reduce household power consumption and sustain energy efficiency.

Winner: Netcomm Wireless

Netcomm Wireless Logo

Community Contribution

Conexu Braille CapTel Trial allows people who are deaf and blind access their telephone using their own voice.

Winner: Conexu Foundation for Braille Captel

Conexu Logo

Community Contribution

This android app harnesses the collective power of users' devices when they are charging, by sending them tiny problems from the cloud to solve. Users choose a research project (breast, prostate, ovarian or pancreatic cancer), and how much data they'd like to give on mobile (max 500MB a month) or WiFi.

Winner: Vodafone and the Vodafone Foundation for DreamLab

Vodafone Logo

Satellite Provider of the Year

SpeedCast for their investment in infrastructure to support classified communications for government clients.

Winner: SpeedCast

SpeedCast Logo

Best Marketing Initiative

Cisco for Cisco Live their premier education program training destination for IT professionals worldwide.

Winner: Cisco for Cisco Live

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